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  • Ancient Oysters

    The calcium carbonate in the ground ancient oyster beds we add to our mixes beef up your plants cell walls, balance pH, and improves your plants ability to take up nutrients like nitrogen (no oysters were hurt in the production of our mixes).

  • Fir Bark

    As a replacement for traditional fluffy water holding ingredients like peat moss and coco coir (both of which have a disturbingly large carbon footprint) we use a waste material from the wood insdustry to quaff your soil to perfection.

    Why peat moss is an issue 
  • OurCarbon Biochar

    These little black chunks give the microbiology in our soil a luxary apartment while holding onto a bit of extra water just in case, you know. It's actually sequestered carbon made from organic waste that would have gone to landfill.

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