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Plant Superfood 1qt

Plant Superfood 1qt

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Let's get to the root of it.

Your plant is more than just its leaves, and those roots can't thrive if their soil isn't thriving, too.

That's why we've brought together OurCarbon biochar and a curated suite of OMRI certified ingredients to slowly deliver nutrients that benefit your plant from root to leaf tip.

Directions: When giving food to a potted plant, add 1.5 tsp for every inch of the pot's diameter; i.e. for a 4" potted plant add 6 tsp. Massage into the top 2" of soil. When repotting potted plants, mix together 2 tbsp per cup of new soil before repotting.

Feed your plants every spring

Super charges up to 66 cups of soil - or - half a cubic foot of soil

Climate Impact

12 lbs prevented carbon emissions

Proudly peat, synthetic fertilizer and plastic free

Ingredients: OurCarbon biochar, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, neem seed meal, greensand, granular humic acids, langbeinite, ag lime, oyster shell, azomite, basalt, mycorrizae

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